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Goal and Career Planning

Evaluating where you are financially and setting shared goals is important as a married couple. Once you define your goals as individuals and as a married couple, it will help you plan the means to reach your goals.


A comfortable retirement should be a top priority. Since people are living longer than ever, retirement savings need to last longer and work harder. Develop a plan to ensure you are each contributing enough to your superannuation to ensure you can have the life you want after you finish work.


If you or your spouse has considerable debt, one of your first goals should be to pay it off so you can focus on other financial aspirations. The first step is to get an accurate picture of how much you owe. Next, review your budget and construct a plan to pay off your debt as quickly as possible. The more you can pay per month, the less you will pay in interest overall.

Together or Separate?

Every couple has a different approach to how fully they would like to integrate their finances. Here are a few of the decisions you are likely to face as a married couple:

  • Bank Accounts
    Every couple is different when it comes maintaining joint or individual bank accounts. There are numerous options: you can maintain separate bank accounts and each pay a portion of your bills, deposit a set amount into a shared account each month and pay your bills using that account while maintaining separate accounts for your own expenses, or put all of your money into one account.

    If you decide to hold any of your accounts jointly, keep track of your transactions carefully and communicate them to your spouse. This is because tracking cash flow can be difficult with two individuals using one account.
  • Credit Cards
    You should each keep at least one credit card in your own name to maintain a credit history of your own. If you divorce or one of you dies, it will be much easier to get a mortgage, loan or credit card with some individual credit activity.